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  About Us - Testimonials

“Let JBC Property Management add your name to the list of satisfied Board Members.”

The JBC Property Management reputation begins and ends with satisfied owners.  Following are just a few Board Members and Professionals that have worked with Jeff Podolski, President of JBC Property Management.

"Dealing with a full-service management company was a new, gratifying experience for the board at our condominium complex. We had the distinct pleasure of working with Jeff Podolski as our property manager for the past three years. Jeff provided us with the knowledge, direction and expertise we so lacked as a board. He did an extraordinary job of dealing with our board members' "distinctly different" personalities. We valued our relationship with Jeff and the guidance he provided."

Board Member

"I have served on my Association's Board of Directors since we took over control from the builder nearly 10 years ago. Mr. Podolski handled the transition from the builder to our Association and he has been our property manager ever since. He has always been responsive to my requests and I have received positive feedback from my neighbors relating to their dealings with Mr. Podolski."

Board Member

“In the recent past, our board was experiencing legal problems with our developer. Our incumbent attorney was not keeping up with all of the issues that had developed over several years. Jeff Podolski, our account manager, suggested that we consider a different approach. The Board took Jeff's advice and hired the attorney that he suggested and we were successful in recovering money from our developer in addition to improving our collection of delinquencies. Our former attorney questioned whether we should pursue the developer. Had we not taken Mr. Podolski's advice, we would have missed out on collecting tens of thousands of dollars."

Board Member
Lake Orion

“Our board members expect nothing but quality and respect, and this is exactly what we have received dealing with Jeff Podolski as our property manager. He knows what we need before we do, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to get what we need. Mr. Podolski is there for us at any time, day or night, and he is very prompt in handling the situations that we have had. Mr. Podolski has made my experience serving on the Board extremely rewarding.”

Board President

“Our Association has worked with Jeff Podolski for several years and has been more than satisfied with the results! When we began working with Jeff, our Association was in deep financial difficulty which Jeff was able to quickly turnaround. Since our financial turnaround, no matter what other financial issues have come up, Jeff has been able to keep us on solid ground.”

“Jeff has also been able to offer his expert advice to provide us solutions to very difficult issues that often come up while running an association. It has made the work of our Board so much easier to have Jeff's knowledge help us out of difficult situations!”


D.J. and M.M.
Board Members
Clinton Township

“The Board of Directors as well as all of the residents of our Association wish to thank Mr. Podolski for the fine job that he has done as our property manager. We have the utmost confidence in his management ability.”

Board President

“When Jeff was our Property manager he would offer suggestions that would help me make a better decision on certain situations. Jeff would help me deal with difficult people or people that were hard to please.”

“Also Jeff was always up front and honest in all situations. I remember once when Jeff said he made an honest mistake. He told me what he did and from that day on, I’ve had more respect for him.”


Board Member
Shelby Township

“I have had the distinct pleasure of serving on various boards over the course of the last ten years with Jeffrey J. Podolski. I have found Jeff to be extremely proficient in the field of condominium management and have found his guidance and attention to detail extremely beneficial to the overall success of our projects.”

Board Member
Clinton Township

“Jeff Podolski has been the property manager for our condo complex for several years. As a Board member, I've come to depend on his comprehensive knowledge of condominium management issues. We have depended on him for professional advice in navigating those "grey areas" that seem to come before our Board of Directors all the time.”

Board Member
St. Clair Shores

"As a professional insurance agent, I have worked with Jeff Podolski to insure numerous condominium associations through the years. I have always known Jeff to be a most thorough and conscientious manager in regards to risk exposures and proper insurance for his clients. He has always shown that he understands the importance of a sound insurance program, obtaining best possible pricing, but also working diligently to eliminate or contain risks facing the condominium associations he manages. From my perspective, I find Jeff to be a most practical manager, and he is simply great to work with. I highly recommend Jeff Podolski as a condominium property manager. "

Peter Palombit CPCU, CIC
Insurance Agent

"Jeff Podolski has always done an excellent job managing our Association.  His experience and wealth of knowledge has greatly benefited our community."

Board Member

"Working with Mr. Podolski has been a pleasant experience.  Jeff is willing to meet and exceed the expectations of the residents with keeping such factors as simplicity, practicality and cost realistic.  Situations were addressed in a professional and timely manner until completion.”

Board Member

“Our board of directors has had the pleasure of working with Jeff Podolski over the past several years.  He has brought a great deal of knowledge to the table when the board didn’t know how to handle various situations.  His experience, knowledge, loyalty, and prompt attention have always given us guidance in difficult decisions that could have lead us into a very expensive lesson.   Not only has he been our property manager for many years, he has become a friend...” 

Board Member
Shelby Township

"I have served as president of the board of one the larger condominium communities in southeastern MI the last 6 years with Jeff Podolski as our property manager. He has been a solid source of knowledge in regards to all condominium management issues. More importantly, he is extremely responsive, thorough, proactive, and attentive to not only the board members issues, but more importantly to co-owners concerns. Whether creating contracts from suppliers, handling association legal affairs with amendments and bylaws, assisting with insurance or financial decisions, or diffusing conflict between co-owners, Jeff’s professionalism has always shown through. I could not more highly recommend this individual to handle your properties needs."

T. R.
Board President
Sterling Heights



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