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  About Us - "Work Right" Code of Ethics

Let JBC Property Management put the
"Work Right" Code of Ethics in place for your Association and its independent contractors."

JBC Property Management has adopted the phrase “Work Right” as our model for corporate and professional behavior. It is the foundation of our culture of trust and it reminds us that ethical behavior is an important part of how we do business at JBC Property Management. Work Right is defined by three principles:

  • Unquestionable Trust

  • Superior Performance

  • Total Commitment

Work Right and ethical behavior apply to every part of our business, whether it's dealing with clients, leading by example, working together, or improving our communities. The JBC Property Management Code of Ethics is a set of expectations to guide our behavior and a decision-making compass that should be consulted, literally or intuitively, anytime we make a decision or begin a task. We should never stop asking ourselves, “Am I behaving ethically today and every day?”

The code of ethics applies to not only JBC Property Management as a company, but also to those contractors that perform work for our clients. Before any employee or contractor considers acting in a manner which could constitute a violation of the Code of Ethics, the individual should recognize that he or she is placing their position with the company in jeopardy.

Our Employees

• We treat each other with fairness, respect and dignity, offering equal opportunities for employment to all individuals. We value different backgrounds and encourage different perspectives and ideas. We understand that diversity is a strength that unlocks our full potential and helps us achieve our goals. Intimidation, harassment or discrimination based on race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or disability is not tolerated. We take personal responsibility for individual and organizational success, while recognizing the value that each of us contributes.

Safety and Health

• We do not compromise safety and health. Because we care, we value the health and safety of each other, our contractors, and the public by conducting business in a manner designed to preserve the well-being of all. We work safely, watch out for each other and report and correct unsafe situations. We keep our workplace free from violence, illegal drugs and the inappropriate use of alcohol.


• We are committed to improving our environmental performance and the communities we serve by being good environmental stewards and working to conserve valuable natural resources. The health of our employees, clients, contractors, the public, and the protection of our natural environment are among our highest priorities.

Compliance with Law and Regulations

• We respect the law. We comply with all laws and regulations. We have a responsibility to understand the laws and how they apply to our jobs.

• We support each employee and contractor in this responsibility and provide the necessary resources for compliance. If it is found that any laws or regulations have been violated, corrective and responsible action will be taken.

Confidential Information

• We use confidential information only for the business purpose for which it was developed or given. We respect the confidentiality of information about the company, its clients, employees and contractors. Confidential information will not be used for personal benefit. We protect the intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, licenses and trademarks, and other proprietary information of the company and others.

Conflict of Interest

• We avoid conflicts, or the appearance of conflicts, between personal interests and official responsibilities on behalf of the company and client. We use corporate resources (time, personnel, equipment and supplies) for company business or company approved activities.

• We do not take personal advantage of business opportunities that are discovered through the use of company property, information or position. The company’s directors, officers and employees do not engage in business activities in competition with the company.

Gifts and Gratuities

• We do not accept, offer or authorize gifts, entertainment, or other favors that are not a reasonable part of a business relationship. We exercise hospitality with discretion, so as not to jeopardize the integrity of those with whom we do business.

Competitive Practices

• We compete vigorously, but fairly, on the basis of price, dependability and superior service. We do not enter into understandings or agreements between competitors regarding prices, terms of sales, division of markets or clients, or any other activity that restricts competition.

• We conduct competitive marketing activities, including the advertising of services and gathering of competitive intelligence, fairly and honestly.

Financial Integrity

• We are prudent in our expenditures on behalf of the company and client and we record all business transactions in accordance with accepted accounting principles. We maintain appropriate internal controls designed to prevent or detect fraud and ensure every accounting or financial record, and supporting data, describes the transaction accurately without omission, concealment or falsification. We maintain and retain all business records accurately and in compliance with applicable laws and company policy.

• We make full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in the reports we compile on behalf of our clients in accordance with state and federal laws.

External Relationships

• We are known by our clients for the quality and value of the services we provide. We value the relationships we have established and realize they are built on trust and cooperation.

• We are committed to building a culture of honesty and trust, not only with our employees, but also our clients and contractors. JBC Property Management seeks to always maintain the highest standards of integrity and objectivity in our working relationships and will not conduct business with anyone who does not operate with integrity or who compromises the company’s values and ethical standards.

Duty to Act

• Our people are our company. We will be recognized by the actions of our people. Each of us has a clear legal mandate to act ethically on the company’s behalf and is obligated to report promptly to management any activities that may be in violation of this Code of Ethics, other company policies, or any applicable laws or regulations. The company has in place appropriate processes to provide for the timely and effective review of such reports and will not tolerate any retaliation against those people fulfilling this obligation.

• All Associations and contractors are encouraged to discuss concerns or questions regarding the Work Right-Code of Ethics with JBC Property Management.  You may do so by clicking here and submitting your concern or question. 


• At JBC Property Management, ethics mean more than merely obeying laws and following policies. Ethics also encompass "doing the right thing for the right reasons" no matter what our job or responsibilities within the company may be. Much more is expected today than ever before with regard to our ethical standards and behaviors. All of us are expected to maintain the highest ethical practices in our work and dealings both inside and outside our company.



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