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  Advantages of Choosing JBC Property Management as Your Partner

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Our Experience

The JBC Property Management staff has extensive, hands-on experience in managing the needs of Associations, including accounting, banking, customer service, building maintenance, grounds maintenance and property management. Our staff has combined property management experience in excess of 30 years. During that time, we have developed solid relationships with many professional service providers. These professional relationships provide JBC Property Management with confidence when securing bids for our Associations. The pre-screened contractors have proven that they are reputable and will provide quality service at a competitive price.

Our Systems Approach

JBC Property Management is proud to be on the forefront of Southeastern Michigan property management in providing technology to our Associations. We have invested considerable resources in a systems approach to delivering management services efficiently and effectively. JBC Property Management is accessible to Boards, owners and contractors 24-hours a day through our real-time, secure online access to financial, maintenance, and compliance information. In addition, our automated system reduces Association costs and improves the flow of information.

Our Pro-Active Management Style

JBC Property Management was founded on the ideal of providing superior, pro-active management to Associations. We regularly visit complexes to seek out ways to improve and maintain architectural integrity. We implement preventative maintenance procedures to circumvent costly repairs. We keep abreast of the evolving property management industry and support the changes necessary to keep our Associations current with procedures and technology.

Our Spirit

We take pride in the JBC Property Management spirit. We are passionately committed to our Associations, their Boards of Directors and Owners. We enjoy sharing our ideas and improving the Associations we partner with. The staff at JBC Property Management acknowledges and embraces the service industry we are in. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate desire. As such, we strive for timely communication and an effective resolution to any questions or problems.


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