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  About Us - Core Values

“Let JBC Property Management put
our core values to work for you.”

At JBC Property Management, we believe that living by a set of core values helps define the true measure of a company. They guide the way we treat each other and how we make business decisions. Core values shape the culture and define the character of a company.

At JBC Property Management, we've developed a core ideology that is the foundation for everything we do. This creates focus on what's important while challenging our day-to-day actions in a drive for continuous improvement. It is about building an organization that has purpose, focus and alignment, that lives its values every day and that creates an environment that allows employees to grow and produce superior results.

Observance of our core values will help JBC Property Management to be a strong, sustainable, socially conscious organization and a leader in the field of property management.

JBC Property Management Core Values

Passion for Our Clients: We are passionately committed to our Associations, their Board of Directors and Owners. We enjoy sharing our ideas and improving the Associations we partner with. We are dedicated to client satisfaction.

Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior and endeavor to instill proper conduct in all our employees and independent contractors. We act ethically and legally as we work to meet and exceed our contractual commitments to Associations. We take responsibility for our behavior and our performance.

Communication: We believe communication is the central component to effective management. Through communication we can truly understand and meet the needs of our Associations to create long-term, win-win partnerships.

Teamwork: We operate as a coordinated body of collective wisdom and embrace the thoughts and ideas of our Associations’ representatives. Everyday our employees and independent contractors strive to discover and implement cohesive solutions to Association challenges.

Modernization: We value, encourage and empower our employees and independent contractors to modernize their efforts to increase efficiency and accuracy. We support them in challenging conventional wisdom and practices in the property management field. We develop plans to use technology to exceed our customer's expectations.

Pro-Active: We are pro-active everyday in our actions with our Boards, owners and independent contractors. We support quality assurance and personal discipline in all our endeavors. We seek to pro-actively identify and rectify issues before they become problems.

Excellence: We meet or exceed all professional and contractual expectations and obligations to our Associations. We strive to deliver reliable and exceptional service and focus on achieving excellence. Our employees and independent contractors are dedicated, loyal and honorable.

Efficiency: We operate a streamlined organization that prides itself on solving issues in a lean, economical manner, while maintaining the highest of standards. We deliver a great value for a great price.

Socially Conscious: We believe in respecting, preserving, and promoting the neighborhoods we work in. We operate in an environmentally sensitive manner. We are active and involved members of the community and our industry.



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