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Architectural Integrity
Covenant Enforcement


  Services - Compliance - Ensuring Architectural Integrity

One aspect of property management that often goes unnoticed is the enforcement of the architectural guidelines of an Association. The haphazard appearance of an Association with homes that are painted extreme colors or non-conforming fence installations are common examples of conditions that lead to lower property values. 

JBC Property Management will handle all communications with homeowners of your Association regarding architectural compliance related issues. We will address each issue with the homeowner and provide the Board with a copy of all communication.  If the matter requires the Board to make a decision, we will guide and assist the Board with our recommendation on how to resolve the matter.  We will communicate the Board’s decision and perform appropriate follow up on any issues that require prompt attention.

JBC Property Management offers the following architectural compliance services:

  • Assist the Association in the refinement and/or development of the rules, regulations, and architectural review guidelines.

  • Develop and implement procedures for application, review, and approval of architectural modifications submittals.

  • Supply and process applications in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that applications, drawings, and other documentation are in compliance with architectural guidelines.

  • Notify owner of the Board's final decision or requirement for additional information.

  • When projects are approved, coordinate with owner to ensure compliance with approved plan/provisions.

  • Maintain historical database of all applications.



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