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Architectural Integrity
Covenant Enforcement


  Services - Compliance - Covenant Enforcement

JBC Property Management will implement a Computerized Complaint Tracking Program which will be updated daily with all complaints from owners, Boards, and routine inspections. Activities related to the resolution of each complaint will also be logged. The Property Manager will include all complaints, reflecting the status of both solved and open items, as part of the report package to the Association.

JBC Property Management offers the following covenant enforcement services:

  • Complete regular inspections of the property reporting violations of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations, and Architectural Guidelines.

  • Notify owners of covenant violations or maintenance deficiencies in writing and advise them of how to correct them.

  • Conduct follow-up inspections to determine compliance. Where covenant violations or maintenance problems still exist, contact the owner in writing to obtain compliance.

  • In the event of continued non-compliance, advise the owner, that they are in violation of covenants, the exact nature of the violation, the time period allotted for compliance, and the intent to enforce covenant compliance, if necessary through more severe measures.

  • Provide covenant/advisory/compliance guidelines to Association owners.

  • Maintain permanent file of correspondence with owners.

  • Coordinate hearings before the Board of Directors.

  • Assist the Board of Directors with understanding the governing documents for their Association.

  • Assist in the development of Association rules and policies.

  • Receive written and signed complaints regarding rules violations and investigate as provided by present policy (these will be included in the complaint tracking program).

  • Owners may respond to violations via the “My Account” section of the JBC Property Management website.


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