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  Services - Ask Yourself This...

Many times as Association and Board members, we feel that we don’t have a say in what is happening at our complex. In addition, we are made to feel like the management company is the decision maker rather than the Board of Directors. Sometimes we call the management company to discuss a concern or problem yet, when we hang up the phone, we feel like we got the “run around”.  In some cases, an automated attendant answers the phone and we have to try and figure out how our problem fits into one of the pre-recorded messages. 

These types of situations lead us to the conclusion that the management company simply doesn’t care or is too busy handling someone else’s problem.  Lack of response, failure to communicate and poor customer service ultimately lead to relationship breakdowns between a management company and the Board of Directors.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your Association running smoothly?

  • Are the rules being fairly and effectively enforced?

  • Do board members and owners enjoy an open, efficient line of communication with your current management company?

  • Are your board meetings professional, business-like gatherings where ideas are freely exchanged in a friendly, relaxed setting?

  • Are assessments being collected in a timely manner, and delinquencies kept to a minimum?

  • Do you feel like your current property manager is taking care of your concerns?

  • Are your concerns being addressed by your current property manager in a timely fashion?

  • Do you have a say in which contractors perform work at your complex?

  • Does your current management company offer your homeowners payment of their Association fees via credit card, eCheck or ACH monthly deduction?

  • Does your current management company subscribe to and enforce a code of ethics policy?

  • Does your current management company offer to assemble and host your own customized Association website allowing for secure access for your Association members to view their account and compliance issues real-time?

  • Is your current management company environmentally conscious and subscribe to a program of reducing unnecessary paper waste?

  • Does your current management company offer educational online videos via their website for such topics as meetings, insurance and living in an Association?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, perhaps it's time to consider hiring JBC Property Management. Please click here for more information.

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