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  Services - Independent Contractor Management

JBC Property Management can hire high quality and value-oriented maintenance providers as your Association requires. JBC Property Management will always work diligently to minimize your costs, which includes obtaining competitive bids for routine maintenance items like landscaping and snow removal, as well as, expensive capital maintenance projects. After we've collected the bids, we will make a recommendation based on the cost and reputation of the contractor. Of course, the final decision will be made by the Board of Directors.

JBC Property Management offers the following contractor management services:

  • Prepare bids, negotiate contracts, retain, schedule, and oversee common area maintenance, major maintenance needs, and other required services. Collaborate with independent contractors when necessary.

  • Write specifications for maintenance contracts and prepare and distribute bid specifications on routine services for Board review and approval.

  • Develop a competitive bidding process for projects and services where the cost will exceed the approved spending limitation as set forth in the Management Agreement.

  • Guide and assist the Association on the selection of contractors, materials and equipment and facilitate the Board's final.

  • Maintain extensive “approved” independent contractor database of contractors with proven track records. Monitor their workmanship and performance for possible removal from the “approved” list.

  • Allow “approved” independent contractors access to their work that has been assigned or is outstanding via online website.

  • All independent contractors are required to sign the JBC Property Management “Work Right” Ethical Contract to ensure a clear understanding of behavior and decision making while working for our clients.  Click here for the "Work Right" Ethical Contract and other contractor resources.

  • Periodically inspect Association for performance and supervision of contractors and ensure that completed work conforms to Association standards, and meets contract requirements.

  • Obtain certificates of insurance from contractors providing services to the Association and confirm all contractors have appropriate insurance coverage.


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