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  Services - Website Services

We offer the ability for each Association to have their own website through the JBC Property Management website. Set-up, management and support for each site will be taken care of by our staff. The website is customizable for each Association for a unique look-and-feel. A restricted area on each site is available so important information is made available and restricted to the Board of Directors only.

Owners may fill out Service Requests and other common forms and have the information automatically submitted to the right person at the management company. In addition, owners can pay their dues and fees online. These informational sites allow for the timely dissemination of information and also permit owners to sign up for email notifications.

To see an example of an interactive “Sample” Association website, click here and follow the instructions.

Following are a list of website services offered by JBC Property Management:

  • Gives owners real-time access to account balance information.

  • Allows owners to log into the website to report or respond to compliance issues.

  • Ability to use customized surveys for online voting.

  • Ability to give access for independent contractors to review maintenance information to assist them in keeping current with all incomplete Association work orders.

  • The Association main information page displays general property information including any news about the property and featured documents added to the property.

  • Offer online payment of dues through monthly automatic drafts from owner's checking accounts, e-checks and credit cards.

  • Owners can maintain contact information online by adding or editing contact records for mailing or billing purposes.

  • Owners can define email options, which let them decide what system notifications are received via email including payment, events, document, property news or late date notices.

  • The event calendar helps the property communicate more effectively with owners by keeping them up-to-date with Association events.

  • Association and owner private and confidential data is protected with our security system.

  • Boards may determine what online information needs to be secured and who should have access to the information to view or modify it.

  • Provides educational videos and informational reference material to help instruct owners on general Association topics.


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