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Site Management
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  Services - Operational Management - Site Management

The market value of a home in an Association depends greatly on the overall condition of the lots, buildings and common areas. The responsibility for maintaining acceptable conditions relies on the Property Management company. A vital element of site management is the Property Manager making regular visits to the Association. A presence at the Association site allows the Manager to identify maintenance needs, rule violations and to check on the operating services.

JBC Property Management offers the following site management services:

  • Regular on-site inspections of grounds, structure, and common area conditions as well as looking for violations of restrictions.

  • Organize and establish a liaison for repair work on common areas as directed by the Board of Directors.

  • Continuous recommendations for long term maintenance needs.

  • Prepare bids, negotiate contracts, retain, schedule, and oversee common area maintenance, major maintenance needs, and other required services. Collaborate with independent contractors when necessary.

  • Recruit, hire and train all Association personnel (if applicable) as directed by the Board of Directors.

  • Prepare preventative maintenance schedules and assist in insurance claim processing.



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