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In an effort to provide pro-active property management services to all of our Associations, JBC Property Management performs regular on-site property inspections with follow up communication to Board members with our findings.  We feel that the management company needs to be in touch with the condition of the physical site rather than handling issues from behind a desk. By performing regular site inspections we are able to assist our clients by providing detailed reports noting the condition of the property and suggested improvements.

Following is a list of property inspection services offered by JBC Property Management:

  • Design a property inspection report specifically for the Association.

  • Conduct routine inspections to maintain a current knowledge of the property, determine maintenance necessities and report findings to the Board of Directors.

  • Ascertain whether proper performance, maintenance and care are being provided per Association and industry standards.

  • Complete property inspection report and include in the report package to Association.

  • Perform property inspections more often when special contracted work is in progress.



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