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   Pay Now

“JBC Property Management makes paying
your Association Fee: Fast, Easy, Done.”

For your convenience, there are four payment options that are available:  Automatic deduction from your bank account, credit card, on-line banking or payment with a check.

1.  ACH DEBIT (Automatic Monthly Payment)  

         Regular assessment payments can be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on a monthly basis with this option.

         Please click here to set up this type of payment option.

2.  ON-LINE BANKING PAYMENT (One Time Payment)

         This online service allows for you to pay your account balance via a one-time e-Check.

         If you have ever made a one-time payment from your bank account for a product or service online, this payment option is the same thing.

         Please click here to set up this payment option.

3.  CREDIT CARD PAYMENT (One Time Payment)

         You may pay your account balance conveniently and securely with a credit card.

         Please click here to set up this type of payment option.


      Your payment coupon must accompany all checks. (IMPORTANT: If you have misplaced your coupon, please write your five digit account number on the memo line of your check)

         Mail check AND payment coupon to:

                         (The name of your Association)  

                          c/o JBC Payment Processing Center

                          P.O. Box 64145

                          Phoenix, AZ  85082-4145

         This post office box is maintained by the Association’s financial institution.  Payments are not processed by the management company.

         All checks are processed electronically and may appear as an ACH item, direct debit or automated check on your bank statement.

         Paid checks will not be returned in your bank statement.

      Being that you are sending your payment out of state, please plan accordingly for the United States Postal Service to deliver your payment by the designated due date to avoid any late fees.




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