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Green Ideas
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  About Us - "Green" Initiative - Green Ideas

Following are additional “Green” business practices utilized by JBC Property Management. Please consider implementing some of these suggestions in your home or office.

  • Refill computer printer ink and other toner cartridges at an office supply or specialty store and recycle the ones that can't be refilled.

  • Unplug non-essential electrical equipment at the end of the office week. Most electronics are always in ready mode and thus "on" even when you think they're "off." A weekend represents 28 percent of your total potential electric bill. Visit DTE Energy's to help see how much you would save.

  • Clean with green in mind. The chemicals you choose to clean with impact everyone's health. Select safer products that are available from most office supply and green retailers.

  • Nearly all desktops and laptops are built with the availability to upgrade. Buying one new part is far more cost efficient and plant-friendly than buying new computers.

  • Save waste, water, and energy easily. Turn off all electronics at the end of the day. Use lower power settings on existing equipment such as refrigerators, heating and cooling systems. Fix any possible leaks in faucets and drip can waste a great deal and become a bigger problem later on.

  • Use electronic invoices and other e-commerce tools to reduce paper consumption.

  • Set computer page default margins to lesser settings to ensure the printing of more words per page.



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