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Emergency Protocol
Glossary of Terms


  Resources - Emergency Protocol

If an emergency occurs, you are strongly urged to dial 911 and obtain immediate assistance.

Note however, from time to time owners will find themselves in a situation that requires action by the management company after hours. If such a time presents itself, please contact JBC Property Management's Emergency number at (586) 254-3000 and press 1.

At the prompt, leave your name, the name of your association, the street address, your telephone number, and the nature of the emergency. The after-hours on-call manager responds to all maintenance emergencies.

Your association defines an emergency as situations that damage or threaten the Association. Examples of these Emergency Situations are:

        • Smoke
        • Fire
        • Water

Inconveniences, however, are not emergencies, and are best handled by JBC Property Management during regular business hours. Examples of such inconveniences are:

        • Modification requests
        • Questions about account balances
        • Illegally parked cars
        • Rules violations

You are encouraged to fill out the appropriate form by clicking here to address these non-emergency inconveniences/inquiries.

Finally, some issues should be handled by the appropriate City/Township or Utility Company. Examples of such issues are:

        • Noise complaints (Police Department)
        • Animal complaints (Animal Control)
        • Low water pressure (Local Water Department)
        • Power outage (DTE Energy)

For your convenience included are links to City, Township and Utility Company websites that service JBC Property Management clients. Click here to access these sites to obtain the appropriate contact information for the aforementioned issues.



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