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  Association Demonstration Site

How to get to “Sample” website

Please follow the instructions listed below for access to the JBC Property Management interactive “Sample” website:

  • Select the My Account link located at the upper portion of this screen.

  • You will be linked to the Login Information page for the “Sample” website.

  • For the Account Number, please type in “10388” in the box.

  • For the Password, please type in “abc123” in the box.

  • Double click on the blue arrow and you will be linked to the Home page of the “Sample” website.

    Please feel free to browse through each of the buttons noting each of the features that are available. This is a basic version of a sample site for our clients. For any inquiries or further information, please click here.  Thank You.


“Let JBC Property Management design
a custom website for your Association.”



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