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Collection of Dues
Financial Reporting


  Services - Financial Management - Collection of Dues

Owners can send their payments to the JBC Property Management Operations Center through the mail or pay their Association dues online via computer. We accept all major credit cards and process payments through a secure payment processing system. To make a payment to the Association, click here. In the unfortunate event that an owner becomes delinquent with the Association, our office will work aggressively towards recovering the unpaid dues. If the delinquent owner chooses to contact our office, we will be more than willing to work with the delinquent owner to set up a reasonable payment plan that results in positive cash flow to resolve the delinquency.

JBC Property Management offers the following services relating to the collection of Association dues:

  • Prepare, order, and mail coupon booklets for all current and new owners.

  • Receive, record and deposit (in separate Association accounts) the assessment payments submitted by owners.

  • Prepare and post individual owner ledgers and notify the Board of Directors of delinquent accounts.

  • Provide Automatic Payment Processing via the JBC Property Management Operations Center to increase accuracy and eliminate human errors in the collection of dues.

  • If an owner elects to do so, an email notification can be automatically sent detailing when an Association payment has been processed, the amount and check number.

  • Offer online payment of dues through monthly automatic drafts from owner's checking accounts, e-checks and credit cards.

  • Respond to owners and their prospective purchasers regarding their individual accounts on a timely basis.

  • Administer the delinquency procedure by charging monthly late fees, prepare warning letters in the Association's name consistent with the procedure, and answer questions regarding accounts.

  • Pursuit of legal action to collect dues in arrears and coordinate filing of liens and foreclosures with Association’s attorney based upon the direction of the Board of Directors.




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