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  Services - Operational Management - Conscientious Association Administration

From systematic record-keeping to resale certification, JBC Property Management understands the demands of successful administration. We ensure that our client’s records are maintained and regularly updated to increase operational efficiency and chronological integrity.  We have a detailed filing system for paper documents that allows for quick access to necessary items when necessary.  In addition, our computer software allows for even quicker retrieval of our extensive online archives.  We are proud to offer our clients with access to some of their financial and compliance related data via our computer software online in real-time.

JBC Property Management offers the following administrative services:

  • Maintain custody and ensure all Association records are current and available for Board and owner review.

  • Maintain master mailing list, owner list and individual files for each owner in the Association.

  • Coordinate and attend the Association’s Annual Meeting and other meetings where voting takes place. This includes preparation of meeting notices, agendas, nomination forms, proxies, and administering proper ballot and election procedures.

  • JBC Property Management provides basic information about the Association as requested by a seller, prospective buyer, or agent for items such as a condominium questionnaire or status/paid dues letter mandated by law or the Association documents. Costs for preparation of these items will be borne by those parties requesting such services.  To obtain a status/paid dues letter please click here.  To obtain a condominium questionnaire please click here.

  • Prepare general correspondence dealing with routine operational matters between the Association and owners, contractors, agents, government officials, or other entities.

  • Prepare and mail appropriate notices and letters to current and new owners.

  • Our staff is also prepared to compile notes from Board members and assemble newsletters accordingly.



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