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  Services - Operational Management - Being a Board Advisor/Partner

We believe the clear delineation of Association responsibilities allows the Association to optimize the use of Board, committee, and volunteer resources. Our management philosophy views the Board of Directors as the policy making body of the Association. Our managers act as an advisor to the Board when our expertise and experience can add value. We view our role as the Managing Agent for your Association as the responsible party for carrying out the directives of the Board.

JBC Property Management offers the following services for your Board of Directors:

  • Offer advice and direction to the Association regarding their governing process and responsibilities.

  • Assist Board of Directors in administering and enforcing the Association's master deed, bylaws, and rules and regulations.

  • Inform the Association concerning significant and relevant legislation, insurance, financial practices, court decisions, or tax rulings pertaining to Associations which come to the Manager's attention.

  • Attend certain meetings to discuss any events, review contractor bids, contracts and performance and be prepared to answer any questions or offer advice as needed.

  • Preparation of special reports and assistance with Association newsletter, as requested by Board.

  • Interface with specialists retained by Association for specific tasks.

  • Provide assistance with conducting annual meetings and elections.

  • Ensure compliance and advise Board regarding Federal, State, and Local Association rules and regulations.



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