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  Services - Communication & Meetings - Board

JBC Property Management is a leader in the area of communication as we partner with Boards of Directors to find innovative, enhancing and affordable solutions to their Association needs. Board members can often change, but JBC Property Management will provide a level of stability that enables smooth transitions from one year to the next. We can also help to ensure the success of long-term plans that are implemented over a period of time. Board members are volunteers, therefore, there are limitations regarding the amount of time and effort they are able to devote to the Association.

When you hire JBC Property Management to implement decisions made by an Association, a huge burden is lifted from the Board members. Finally, Board members and owners are entitled to prompt and knowledgeable action to any of their questions or requests. Responsive communication is a key priority for JBC Property Management and will be addressed the same day in most cases.

JBC Property Management offers the following services for your Board of Directors:

  • Property Manager will attend a pre-determined number of Association Board of Director meetings. At these meetings we will discuss any events since the previous meeting and review contractor bids, contracts and performance. In addition, we will be prepared to answer any questions or offer advice as needed.

  • Prepare a Monthly Management Report in a consistent, organized format to facilitate the Board Member's understanding of the events of the past and upcoming month. This report will highlight those items where the Management Company is requesting the Board to make a decision and should be categorized into the following components:

  • An Agenda for the meeting.

  • A written report from the Management Company summarizing all events and materials within the report.

  • Financial Reports.

  • Copies of all incoming correspondence.

  • Copies of all outgoing correspondence.

  • Operations report from Property Manager.

  • Computer report reflecting status and actions taken of all Architectural Violations as well as Covenant and Rule and Regulation violations.

  • Computer report reflecting status and actions taken regarding all service requests from unit owners since last meeting.

  • Computer report reflecting status and actions taken for all work orders generated since last meeting.

  • Written property inspection report by Property Manager.

  • Specifications and bids on required projects.

  • Attend and provide assistance with coordinating the annual meeting of the membership.

  • Provide the Association with access to a website that will quickly provide your owners with accurate financial data, meeting agendas and minutes, newsletters, and Association calendars.

  • Online Accounts Payable voucher approval for Board members.

  • Newsletter production and distribution, if applicable.



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